Applications are open for every position. Any PHS student can apply to any position, but we recommend underclassmen apply to staff positions and upperclassmen apply to managerial roles. Applications are reviewed by the entire staff with specific focus on skills and past experience. Note: the following responsibilities are in addition to the weekly meetings after school.

Editor-in-Chief: Oversees everything Ivy. Communicates with managers, solves conflicts, assigns tasks/deadlines. Needs to be a good communicator, have problem-solving skills, and leadership ability.

Managing Editor: Does tasks as assigned by the Editor-in-Chief. Makes the PDFs for the submission selection, and report “sensitive work” (such as plagiarism).

Secretary: Responds to emails and takes notes/attendance during meetings. Catches those who missed meetings up to speed.

Copy Editors: Calculate totals using Excel to determine what submissions are selected based on group vote. They also review the magazine for quality issues - fixing every typo and off-center image.

PR Manager: Handles flyers, display case, bake sales, and any special events.

PR Staff: Does tasks as required by the PR Manager.

Technology Manager: Creates the magazine in InDesign during production in addition to managing the website/Facebook page. Must have a strong knowledge of inDesign, in addition to experience with Photoshop and a basic understanding of HTML/CSS.

Technology Staff: Does tasks as required by the Technology Manager. Must have knowledge of inDesign. A basic understanding of HTML/CSS and experience with Photoshop would be beneficial.

Business Manager: Handles all advertising, including finding advertisers and sending them a copy when their ad is published in the magazine. Sets up the budget for the following year and makes sure we do not exceed this years budget. Must be able to communicate and negotiate well.

Business Staff: Does tasks as required by Business Manager.