We are The Ivy, Princeton High School's visual and literary arts magazine. Everything - the submissions, magazine creation, and this website - is done by students! The magazine is printed and distributed for free in glossy full-color among the 1,500+ students and faculty of the school, in addition to online publication with 7,000+ views.

Advertising in The Ivy provides the opportunity to advertise directly to Princeton teenagers in addition to supporting young art and student artists! Previous advertisers vary from restaurants to thrift stores to tutors. We have three different ad sizes to appeal to every business's needs and budget, in addition to free ad creation.

Any questions? Contact me at theivy.business@gmail.com

Matt Karns, Business Manager

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Contact number
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Full page ads can be 'bled' off the page - please account for 0.25" margins to be cut off and LET US KNOW if you want a bleeding image.
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Please let us know if your ad is time-sensitive.
If you have an ad ready: please link to it here from an image hosting site (Imgur, Postimage, Google Drive, etc.). We are able to fit ready ads to our exact dimensions!
If you want a FREE custom ad: please include the necessary information and/or graphics you want included - address, website, specials, etc. We will not print custom advertisements without final approval.
Unfortunately, school protocol means we cannot accept electronic payment. Please send a check addressed to:

c/o Bookkeeper
Princeton High School
151 Moore Street
Princeton, NJ (08540)

You can also email us at theivy.business@gmail.com to have any check picked up.

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